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90 minute learning experience on 8 business challenges.

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Prioritization and Complexity

Tackling the complex and prioritizing the important

Zoom In … Zoom Out

To manage complexity you must think ahead and act now. Balance your focus on long term and short term views.

I’ve Got Your Back

People want to feel able to express themselves, make mistakes and grow. Create a place for this to happen.

Reverse Mentoring

Mentoring upwards unlocks a huge resource of experience and knowledge. Learn how to mentor your seniors.

Coping in the Chaos

Make remote and blended teams work for you with simple boundaries, tools and techniques.

Connecting the Dots

Experience the value of a growth mindset for teams and projects to flourish.

DOH! Why Don’t I Ever Learn?

Change is inevitable and yet sometimes we resist. Explore why we do this and how to make the changes you always wanted to make.

It’s All In The Mind

Develop the agile mindset to support your agile tools for a new way of working for the future.

The Pazazz of Visuals

Visual thinking is creative, productive and fun. Build the confidence and skills to do it in your work.

Meet Mr Cialdini

Develop the subtle art of persuasion with Cialdini's universal principles.