Meet The Crew.

Sladen Consulting is bursting with energetic, talented, and passionate people. People who want to make a difference in others and the world in which we live.

Who are we?

The team in numbers.

What makes us unique?

Simply put, our crew are the lifeblood that make up our Sladen Family; we are truly a global network with more than 55 experts spanning over 20 countries. There are not many places and cultures we can't reach.

The Sladen Family is a creative, colorful mix of people made up from such diverse backgrounds as musicians, OD consultants, chefs, professional coaches, scientists, poets, artists, actors and ex CEOs…the list goes on.

However, we are all united by our five guiding beliefs and with a passion to deliver an outstanding experience each and every time.

The Sladen Family

The Crew.

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